Amtrak ride to Tijuana 2022

Amtrak ride to Tijuana 2022

 During a cold morning in April 2022, I woke up to a foggy morning ready to take the train to San Diego.  It was around 6:30 when I arrived to the station, and I immediately was met by this man asking if I was the one smoking the joint you could smell in the air.  I told him I wish and we had a discussion about growing weed in California.  Before I moved to Santa Barbara I was in Humboldt and was involved in the industry out there for a bit but that's another story.

The Amtrak rides along the coast for most of the way, stopping by all the seaside towns and the urban jungle of Los Angeles.  Once I arrived to San Diego I met up with my brother and nephew and crossed the border with ease of course.  When you first get there you see a bunch of vendors selling random items and food, and about 20 cab drivers ready to bring you to whatever destination your stopping at first 

Our place was in the Zona Norte area, which is known for prostitution but I honestly didn't see one the whole time.  We unpacked and hit the town, the main street with all the clubs and action  was just few blocks away.  The whole way there lights of yellow and green filled up the street, a huge group of men sleep in the walkways and you wonder if one might grab your leg for a quick scare.  When we walk we grab a bottle of tequila and a chaser, hitting the bottle every few blocks waking up the spirits inside.  Our first night was light and we ended up getting a bunch of tacos to eat when we got back.

We ended up in Rosarito the next day, a little hungover from mixing the tacos with tequila the night before.  I had looked up this amazing taco stand in town and luckily my brother was on the same page and brought it up that we go.  There was a good story about the man going to America to try to open a restaurant and make it big but ended up here in Rosarito,  His place is a huge success and it was a great reminder that you never end up where you expect.  

On our last day we woke up hearing loud honking for over a hr and upon going outside we found a type of protest of short school buses with beautiful paint jobs.  Most had a lot of people in them, and in the end neither of us figured out what it was about.  There were over 150 buses I had seen before we left.  It took around 2 hours to get in line and thru back to the US.  Along the way people selling art and jewelry make the attempt for one more sale before you go.  Recently I read that a local rapper hangs out there and gives off a great show, hope he blows up one day.  

  We all went to this amazing burger spot next to the beach before I had to catch the train back.  Along the way I recorded on go pro and shot a beautiful sunset I have yet to do something with but have multiple ideas.  Hope you liked the story, stay tuned for the next and check the photos from the trip below and in the store for PRINTS!!! PEACE